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1540 square feet of Closed-Cell Biobased Spray Foam sealing up the Attic Slopes.


To Whom It May Concern,
This is to give my very favorable response to the procedure of having had an energy audit and reinsulation of our 106 year old oil burning home in Great Neck. From the initial 2 1/2 hour free consultation (we qualified for LIPA approval), I was very impressed by the thoroughness and proficiency of the You Save Green personnel. First, the oil furnace and gas hot water heater were evaluated for efficiency, since if they are less than 80% efficient it is recommended that they be replaced. In our case, both these tested OK, but I learned there were all sorts of places throughout the basement, house and attic that were bringing in drafts and wasting heat.
The process of spraying in foam insulation involves two hoses with liquids that combine to form a solid. It is a difficult and extensive operation, which the crew performed with diligence, care and very good attitudes. Once the work was done, they left the house clean. In short I highly recommend having this work done, by this company, but be prepared for a major undertaking, as every corner of your house will be involved.
Special thanks to Geoff, the evaluator and Dave, who heads the business. The house definitely feels snug with a noticeable decrease in drafts. With oil at $3.90 a gallon, this will be crucial this winter
Elizabeth (Robin) Gordon

Great Neck, New York

Super Attic Insulation

12" of Celluloe w/ Complete 

Air Sealing Package.



Ronnie, Anthony and Taras were excellent workers. They were polite

and respectful and concerned that we were please with there work. 

I highly recommend them as a work crew.

Lisa Bramble

Staten Island, New York


ClimateMaster Geothermal Heat Pump

4 Tons


I was paying a ridiculous amount of money to heat my house with fuel oil and I always knew it was time for a change but never realized it was actually affordable. The professional team from You Save Green, and I mean “team” to the fullest extent of the word, came and installed a new Climate Master Geo-thermal system. My bills are a quarter of what they were before the system. Dave is so knowledgeable with renewable energy and with the rebates and tax credits that made this a reality and his team knows what they’re doing when it comes to the installation process. They also educated me and my wife on the areas that I was losing heat and they implemented measures to alleviate these problems. The best part is they did that at cost to make sure their system was at peak effectiveness. It is my pleasure to refer these gentlemen at You Save Green to anyone looking to reduce or eliminate their heating costs.


Tom Griffin

Clymer, New York

David delivers! A true professional that talks at any level in discussing complex systems. David staff is knowledgeable about the product and is efficient installer. I would highly recommend them. David's team delivers!

Chris Suozzi

Batavia, New York

"The employees were very knowledgable, extremely considerate. They were  very personable! I love getting my electric bill - if that is even imaginable! The system is saving me over half of my previous usage."


- John  O'Donnel

New Hyde Park, NY

The energy efficient audit allows me to see where I was loosing heat and energy in the home. I realized that I was loosing a lot of energy through my roof, so I decided to insulate my roof with cellulose insulation. I though that this would be a good investment towards my retirement. The time will never be better do to solar energy the federal government provides tax credit and I would not hesitate to do it. 



Gerald Singleton

Flushing, NY

"Dave  was a pleasure to deal with, there was no hidden charges, he always allowed for communication, took the time to explain all the details and most importantly the savings that could be obtained if we installed the systems. I am glad to say that the savings at this point are what was anticipated."

Ray and Susan  Pierson

Tonawanda, NY

I had a 7kw solar system installed in July of 2012 by YSG and I'm thrilled with with the outcome, My first bill was under $20 and I have an inground pool and the pump that runs 12 hrs. a day, July and August were hot and the air conditioning ran just about every day all day. I have a large home with a lot of exterior motion and night lights and was amazed what my bill was. I'm sure every month will not be this extreme but will have to wait a year to see what the savings are, (just got lasts months electric bill and it was less than half of what I was billed from 09/11) My average bill is at least $150+. The crew at YSG did a great job and were very professional and knowledgeable about the solar install. I'm very pleased I did this and went with YSG.           Rod    Hamburg, NY

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