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Whole House Air Sealing - Overview

Whole house air sealing is the first step in making obtainable homes more energy efficient. Air sealing is the practice of finding the holes, leaks, and bypasses in which air leaks into and out of your home. Most homes leak far more than they should and the leakage occurs into the attic first. Warm air rises and also holds more dampness and this moisture will condense on the first cold surface it hits, and then when it gets warm enough the frost melts, turns to water, and can start turning to mold or rotting wood, so the attic is the first place to start air sealing. After a bitter winter it is a fine idea to open the attic hatch and look into the attic. It is shocking how many homes get frost in the attic and it is mostly due to air leakage. Adding insulation on top of what is there without air sealing can make the frost situation worse. The attic has to be sealed before adding more insulation.

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