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Wall Insulation - Overview

The first step is determining the condition of the current insulation in your home. Our team of Energy Auditors use an infrared camera and a video boroscope. The importance of this test is to determine if your current insulation has lost its effective R-value according to New York guidelines and industry standards.

The walls facing the outside is what we focus on when looking at upgrading the insulation in the home. Most common homes have a 4 inch cavity between their actual interior wall and the outside sheathing and siding. This 4-inch cavity is what we are looking to fill with 'dense-pack' cellulose insulation. Meaning cellulose insulation blown into each wall cavity. Your walls are going to be literally packed tight with insulation. Our products are rated to go into a wall with older fiberglass batting. Our team of auditors will measure every wall, they are all certified Building Envelope professionals from the Building Performance Institute. They are trained to look at the house in a 'whole-house' approach. Understanding how the house functions as a whole. Looking at the entire building envelope.
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