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Attic Air Sealing - Overview

The average home built in New York has specific design flaws in regards to energy efficiency. Our insulation installers are training it seal specific air leakage problem areas on the attic floor before we install the insulation. Common problems areas include:

Plumbing & Electrical Penetrations
Recessed Lighting
Wall top plates
Plumbing Chases

You Save Green Inc Insulation Installers will seal these areas with high-density spray foam insulation. This will reduce heat loss and reduce the air leakage through the ceiling. What homeowners don’t know is that it is just as important as insulation. Attic air sealing will establish your home’s ‘pressure boundary’. Which according to our industry standards is just as important as your home’s ‘thermal boundary’. We can conduct air leakage testing with a residential blower door test. This will determine how much CFM or cubic feet of air per minute we were able to reduce. Every home has a recommended Building Airflow Standard. At the time of the energy audit, your Energy Auditor will determine the CFM leakage of your home.

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